Children make terrible pets by Peter Brown (2010)

380d24f48fb9278052ab61b5a8aca869There’s nothing like a great title, and Children make terrible pets, has got to be one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Lucy the bear, while out walking, stumbles across a small boy who she falls instantly in love with and takes home to be her pet. The boy or “pet” in the story has a fairly limited vocabulary and his conversation is limited to the occasional, “squeak”. In spite of her mum’s dire warnings about how terrible children are as pets, Lucy decides to keep “Squeaker.”

The experiment, while at times successful, only goes to prove her mother right, children really do make terrible pets. And then to make things worse, Squeaker goes missing! When Lucy finally discovers Squeaker merrily having a picnic with his family she realises it’s time to let him go.

The best thing about this picture book is the wonderful expressions on the faces of all the characters, human and bear. The language and sentences are short and simple, so a nice preschool storytime option.

Check out Children make terrible pets at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Children make terrible pets from Fishpond.


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