Lion vs Rabbit by Alex Latimer (2013)

Lion vs RabbitNo one likes a bully, and Lion is king of the bullies. In a single afternoon he torments the other animals with a series of “nastinessess”, culminating in him stealing “the hyena’s lunch monkey”! (This was one of the many hilarious adult jokes in the book that for inexplicable reasons made the two-year-old I was reading to laugh heartily).

Eventually the animals decide enough is enough and they advertise on the internet for someone to come and rescue them. Several animals try and fail before an unlikely saviour, in the form of a rabbit, arrives. The extent of the rabbit’s clever sneakiness is only revealed right at the end, although visual clues through the book might be enough to give the game away to the sharpest members of your audience.

This book was rated an instant “again, again” by my trial audience of two pre-schoolers.

Check out Lion vs Rabbit at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Lion vs Rabbit from Fishpond.


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