Duckie’s Ducklings by Frances Barry (2005)

9780763625146_p0_v2_s260x420For a simple picture book, this was always one of my favourites to read to pre-schoolers. With a single sentence on each page it’s short enough to withstand the attention span of even the most restless of audiences. And it’s fun!

Duckie has lost her ducklings so she hunts high and low but can’t find them anywhere. I loved to ham this up, saying things like, “Now where could those cheeky ducklings be? I can’t see them anywhere, can you?” As you turn each page another tiny duckling joins onto a queue that slowly forms behind Duckie as she obliviously  wanders along. Pretty soon your audience will be calling out, “I can see them!” A picture book I would highly recommend to all children’s librarians.

Check out Duckie’s Ducklings at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Duckie’s Ducklings from Fishpond.



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