Breathe by Scott Magoon (2014)

cvr9781442412583_9781442412583_hrAll right team, are we ready for a challenge? I had a pretty specific unspoken formula for the picture books I selected to read to a young audience. It’s highly scientific and goes something like this: The right amount of delicious words + wonderful illustrations = storytime success! Apologies if I got a bit technical here.

Breathe is one of those picture books where it’s worth taking a risk. The text is minimal, but in its brevity there is real beauty. I would however pick my moment with this one. Restless pre-schoolers? Put it away and save it for another day where the stars have aligned and the audience is hanging on your every word.

A baby whale wanders the ocean, popping up occasionally to take a huge lungful of air on the surface. The illustrations are captivating, and if you linger on the page, read the words slowly and gently and encourage your audience to b-r-e-a-t-h-e with you, you’re onto a winner.Breathe inside2

Check out Breathe at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Breathe from Fishpond.


2 thoughts on “Breathe by Scott Magoon (2014)

  1. Lucy thanks so much for the blog. As a grandmother who loves reading to the children I never seem to find what I want at the library. You have made it so easy and Wolfman has arrived. Certainly on the loose and will be good scary weekend reading. You are a ‘gem’

    • Hi Jeanette,
      I’m so happy you’re finding the blog useful. Be careful around Wolfman, he’s a loose unit. As my first official commenter I’m awarding you a gold star!

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