Hooray for Hat by Brian Won (2014)

hooray for hatOne of the best things about picture books is their ability to solve the world’s problems in a dozen pages. Grumpy? No problem, put on a hat and everything will be great. I have my very own pair of happy shoes (my hat equivalent) that I put on when I need a little extra pep in my stride. It works almost instantly, there’s something inherently joyful about pink shoes with seahorses!

Elephant wakes up grumpy. The perfectly timed arrival of a present on the doorstep creates one very happy and well dressed elephant, because inside is a wonderful multi-layered hat. The forest is full of grumpy animals on this particular day, but luckily Elephant is able to spread his cheer, and hats, far and wide.

“Hooray for hat,” rings out triumphantly and regularly in this fun-to-read book. Get your audience to join in, dress stuffed animals or small people in party hats as you read, the possibilities are endless. Hooray for hat has audience favourite written all over it.

20140809_142739For a less traditional theme, why not go for “Hooray” stories. Add a bit of Hooray for fish by Lucy Cousins, throw in some Hooray parade by Barbara Joosse and you’ll be away laughing. For a little special something, invite your audience to participate in a Mexican wave!

Check out Hooray for hat at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Hooray for hat from Fishpond.



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