Dog loves counting by Louise Yates (2013)

Dog loves countingA lot of counting picture books follow a similar sort of pattern, something like:

  • Ten funny frogs sitting on a line, one hopped away and then there were nine etc
  • Eight cheetahs in bright red sneakers met seven ants in stripy pants etc (apologies to any authors whose work I have inadvertently plagiarised).

Don’t get me wrong, this type of picture book can be a lot of fun, (particularly when written by Nick Sharratt*) but a whole storytime of these books can get a little boring. Dog loves counting however seamlessly incorporates plenty of counting opportunities with a great story.

Poor Dog, a canine with a passion for reading, can’t sleep. His usual sheep counting technique isn’t cutting it, so he turns to, “A big book of curious creatures and their habitats,” to provide him with something new to count. He counts sloth toes, camel legs, skink stripes among other great creature’s features. When Dog and his new friends find their way to the desert, they discover something they can count forever.

Dog loves inside1

Check out Dog loves counting at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Dog loves counting from Fishpond.


* Help me out here collective picture book fanatics, I’ve lost a picture book title. I’m fairly sure Nick Sharratt either wrote or illustrated it. There’s great rhyme, possibly llamas in pyjamas and maybe a sort of counting element. Any clues?



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