Turtle Island by Kevin Sherry (2014)

Turtle IslandMy Folkmanis turtle (officially tortoise) puppet is one of the things I miss most about no longer regularly taking library storytimes. Turtle Island would make a great puppet or felt story.

Turtle is giant, the size of an island! He lives all alone in the middle of the ocean, which at times is a pretty lonely place to be. One day, a shipwreck gifts Turtle instant friends, Cat, Frog, Owl and Bear. Turtle discovers just how wonderful life can be when it’s shared with others.

When his new friends admit to missing their families, Turtle learns a tough lesson about friendship. Don’t Turtle Insidepanic, it all ends very sweetly. Kevin Sherry’s picture books are always visually fabulous, don’t miss I’m the best artist in the ocean as well.

Check out Turtle Island at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Turtle Island from Fishpond.



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