There’s a shark in the bath by Sarah McIntyre (2014)

There's a sharkMade up words are the best, and Sarah McIntyre has some goodies. Anyone keen for a game of “Happy-Wrappy-Uppie?” Or how about a spot of, “Wiggety-Wig?”

Dulcie gets a bit of a shock when she spies a fin circling in the cold bath water left over from the day before. And it’s not only one menacing shark, Mama Shark and Baby Shark have joined the fun too.

Because parents never believe their children in these situations, Dulcie has to figure out how to deal with this challenge on her own. Some inventive game-creation distracts the sharks from their main goal, eating Dulcie! When Dad threatens to come into the bathroom, a quick game of “Spick and Spanny,” sorts the bathroom and the shark problem out in no time.

Mum and dad are I guess what is technically known as “mixed race”, which sounds a bit pompous, but basically Dad is a nice chocolate colour, while mum is all peaches and cream. Having worked in a variety of super-mixed communities I always appreciate a non-homogenous family colour palette. So well done Sarah McIntyre.

There's a shark insideBig bold illustrations, and lots of craziness make for a delightful story. Word count-wise, it’s probably at the upper limit of what I would choose for a preschool audience, but there’s enough action, and great noisy sound effects for it to captivate even the wrigglers.

Check out There’s a shark in the bath at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy There’s a shark in the bath from Fishpond.



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