The night garden by Elise Hurst (2007)

I’m the first to admit that I can at times be illogically judgemental. The library copy that arrived for me of The night garden wasn’t in great condition, so I put it to the bottom of the pile and ignored it for days. In fact, without even opening it, I relegated it to the reject pile. Bad Lucy.

The night garden is a special book that just begs to be read aloud. In fact, my empty lounge has just received a very rousing recital; reading in my head felt wrong. The language is delicious and the illustrations are joyful. I would like to officially apologise to this book for being so wrong in my preliminary assessment.

Sally and Strange are stuck inside all day, as the rain drops steadily down outside. The moon rises and Sally wakes tingling, determined to investigate what is going on outside. She and Strange embark on a magical adventure through the garden. “A-wrooooo!” I have much love for this book.

Check out The night garden at Auckland Libraries.

Or order The night garden from Fishpond.


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