Veggies with wedgies by Todd H. Doodler (2014)

Veggies with wedgiesYou must promise me something. If you are going to read this story to an audience, you have to act out the underpant-trying-on-scene. Trust me, it will be hilarious!

My review for this one is pretty simple. A bunch of vegetables steal underpants off a clothesline and try them on. That’s basically it, if you sprinkle a hearty dose of hilarity and wedgies onto the pages. The mushroom with underpants on his head (remember this will be you; you promised) made me very happy.Veggies with inside

You really can’t go wrong with a picture book about underwear, and she’s a goodie!

Check out Veggies with wedgies at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Veggies with wedgies from Fishpond.



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