Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch (2014)

Today is my birthday; “Happy Birthday me.” To celebrate, I’m giving you all a virtual hug in the form of Happy Birthday, Moon, a picture book that is as close to a hug as I could find.

Originally published in 1982, Happy Birthday, Moon has been updated and reprinted this year. I read it for the first time a few months ago, and thinking about it now still makes me smile.

Bear decides the moon needs a birthday present, but first of all he needs to find out the date of moon’s birthday. So he climbs a tree and calls out, “Hello!” The moon is strangely silent, so Bear travels closer, climbing into the mountains. This time, when he calls, “Hello,” his voice echoes and to Bear’s delight he hears the moon reply, “Hello!” It gets ridiculously cute from that point on.

This is a great picture book to share with a young school class, providing a chance to explore the concept of echoes.

Enjoy your day, I hope there is cake!

Check out Happy Birthday, Moon at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Happy Birthday, Moon from Fishpond.


My niece and nephews wishing me a slightly early “Happy Birthday” yesterday.



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