Shark kiss, octopus hug by Lynn Rowe Reed; Illustrated by Kevin Cornell (2014)

When I was a kid, on the inside of our pantry there was a sticker that said, “Have you hugged someone today?” It was a great sentiment, and there can’t have been too many days in my life that have been hugless.

Charlie the shark really wants a hug, while his best friend in the whole ocean, Olivia the Octopus is itching for a kiss. But no-one on the beach seems interested in helping them out. In spite of all their ingenious attempts at wrangling hugs and kisses – we’re talking putting on a play and holding an eating contest – people just keep running away as fast as they can.

Everything turns a little bit sad, until they solve the problem themselves. The story finishes with the question. “Have you had your hug and kiss today?” Cue lots of hugging and kissing and all round warm fuzzy feelings.

Check out Shark kiss, octopus hug at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Shark kiss, octopus hug from Fishpond.


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