The very cranky bear by Nick Bland (2008)

very crankyThere are days when even a tower of fabulous hats or a pair of pink shoes are not enough to de-funk your mood.

It’s one of those days for poor old bear. When a group of animal friends try to play cards in his cave, he throws them out into the cold. Not even the addition of stripes, antlers and a golden mane are enough to cheer him up. Luckily sheep comes up with a great solution that puts a smile on every face.

With plenty of opportunity for roaring and frowning, this is a great choice when you’re not feeling so cheery yourself. Save it up for a cranky day!The very cranky inside

Check out The very cranky bear at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The very cranky bear from Fishpond.


3 thoughts on “The very cranky bear by Nick Bland (2008)

    • Hi Juliana,
      looks like your library has bought the new edition that was due out last month (it has been reprinted loads of times, always the sign of a great book!) There’s also “The very cranky bear collection” coming out later this year with four of Nick Bland’s bear stories in one. Bonus.

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