A long way away by Frank Viva (2013)

Because we are now officially friends, I’m willing to admit to having been something of a goose with regards to A long way away.

It is described as, “A two-way story,” which in my head meant you could read the entire thing backwards and forwards, like some sort of truly amazing palindrome. I can’t even imagine how that would work, but what Frank Viva has actually done makes a lot more sense while still being very clever.

For the visual amongst you I have added a demonstration picture, complete with pointing fingers. The book turns on its side and you either turn the pages from top to bottom or bottom to top, but read the words in the traditional manner. A funky looking alien falls from space, down down down, past all sorts of interesting inter-galactic creatures until eventually he reaches earth and falls to the depths of the ocean. If you start from the bottom and work your way up, he floats gently up and up and up until he makes it A long way away insideback to his home in outer space. The language is simple, but lovely to read. It’s a clever concept with great illustrations, you will be kept busy reading in both directions, no doubt, multiple times!

Check out A long way away at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy A long way away from Fishpond.



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