The Moose and the Goose by Juliette MacIver; illustrated by Jenny Cooper (2014)

Great rhymes make my heart sing and it’s currently belting out a symphony having just been treated to a hearty rendition of The Moose and the Goose. The rhyme is sublime (and apparently catching!)

[In between writing this review and it “going to air” I met Juliette McIver, the author of this fabulous book. A slightly desperate phone request last week saw me stepping in as MC for a Storylines event in Auckland and Juliette was one of the wonderful authors I had the privilege of introducing. I asked the room of 300 kids to come up with as many rhymes with the word “moose” as they could in 30 seconds and then told them that Juliette had used 25 words that rhyme with “moose” in this book! She is honestly quite the rhyme master, and lovely to boot.]

Packed full of delicious language and illustrations, and a completely batty story, I hope you will love reading this picture book out loud as much as I have just done.

Instead of stumbling around and incompetently trying to do this book justice, I will let it speak for itself with a short excerpt…

“No room!” honked the goose. “It’s a full-up caboose.”

But the moose said, “Strewth!” and he squeezed in the booth.

“What-” spat the goose, “just WHAT is the use of those silly great things on the noodle of a moose?”

“These things,” huffed the moose, “only moose can produce, and they’re known as ‘antlers’, silly old goose.”

See, as I said, an absolute delight!

Check out The Moose and the Goose at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The Moose and the Goose from Fishpond.


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