The jungle grapevine by Alex Beard (2009)

Hands up if you like a good piece of gossip. I’m not judging you, it’s okay, admit it, I won’t tell anyone you’re a nasty old gossip, I promise…

The jungle, on this fine and sunny day, suffers from a terrible case of Chinese whispers, crossed with a dash of gossip and chased with a sprinkle of bad communication. Turtle idly remarks to Bird, “The Watering Hole is always good for a laugh… But lately the humour has been drying up.”

As Bird flies away he tries to recall exactly what Turtle said, and with a slight variation on reality creates a domino effect of crises in the animal kingdom.

The illustrations are wonderful, with each double page spread featuring a panicked animal or two

This gorgeous story feels like it sits somewhere between a fable and an African legend and would be heaps of fun to act out with a school class.

Check out The Jungle Grapevine at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The Jungle Grapevine from Fishpond.



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