Don’t push the button! by Bill Cotter (2013)

I love the idea of this book being used in a storytime where the librarian has requested in loads of copies, and everyone reads the book simultaneously. If you ever co-ordinate yourself to do this, please send me photos and I’ll give you some sort of amazing award (its value will be in kudos rather than dollars).

Larry the crazy purple monster, has one rule. It’s not even a particularly taxing rule, just don’t push the button, okay? The only problem is that Larry himself is really struggling to stick to this rule. It’s okay Larry, we’re all friends here, just push the button. The button-pushing consequences are a lot of fun and I predict there will be no way you can get away with reading this book only once.button

And because now we all really want to push a button, I’ll give you one. Click the red button and see what happens; go on, I dare you…push the button*…

Check out Don’t push the button at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Don’t push the button from Fishpond.

*Feel free to share your button-pushing results in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Don’t push the button! by Bill Cotter (2013)

  1. Aww, Anne put me onto this treasure recently. It was a big hit! 5 yr old son loved it so much he took it to school to share, and read it to us at home too, with much button mashing. Such a simple idea, and so well done.

  2. Hey Danielle,

    so glad your son loved this one. There’s another older similar title called “Press here” by Herve Tullet which is equally as great.

    I’m going to have to up my game to find something you haven’t seen before… I think I’ve got a winner with tomorrow’s post!

    PS I really think you should push the button.

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