Oi Frog! by Kes Gray; illustrated by Jim Field (2014)

oi frogSome picture books percolate for a while before I’m ready to unleash my review on the world. I feel that I’m jumping the gun here today with this review but I’ve been wanting to include Oi Frog! for weeks. Imagine me sitting here with a very dopey smile on my face holding a copy of Oi Frog! This book is so great I’m struggling to get it together; here goes…

Did you know that frogs sit on logs? The only problem is, this particular frog really doesn’t want to sit on a log, it’s just not very comfortable. The cat however insists it’s the only place the frog can sit, because… it’s the rules. The cat and the frog then have one of the greatest conversations ever.

“What do seals sit on?” asked the frog.

“Don’t you know anything?” said the cat. “Seals sit on wheels, doves sit on gloves, newts sit on flutes, lizards sit on wizards and apes sit on grapes.”

More and more rhyming pairs flow forth, matched with marvellous illustrations. The mix of rhyme and conversation is beautifully balanced and the whole book is so ridiculous that it instantly earned its place amongst my favourites.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Check out Oi Frog! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Oi Frog! from Fishpond.


5 thoughts on “Oi Frog! by Kes Gray; illustrated by Jim Field (2014)

  1. Hi there! I am loving your reviews 🙂 I work at McLeods Booksellers, an independent bookshop in Rotorua – and noticed you only recommend fishpond.co.nz as a means of where to purchase books. Unfortunately it is these kinds of websites that close Indie bookshops down – the shops you can find all these sorts of quirky, gorgeous books in the first place! Of course you can choose to recommend wherever you like, but I was really keen to promote your blog on our facebook page, but can’t if you are recommending online buying! Anyway, I shall keep perusing your lovely reviews, and enjoying the page myself 🙂 – Jemma

    • Hi Jemma,
      Argh moral dilemma! A friend explained about the Amazon affiliate programme where you could link blog posts to their site and take a cut on any sales. It all sounded a bit hopefuI, I just felt excited at the prospect people might read my reviews. I discovered Fishpond did the same thing and as they’re based in NZ I felt good about it so started chucking the links in each post. So far I have made a grand total of $0!
      It’s one of those major moral conundrums. The point of my blog is to share great books, not make money. If I randomly earnt money doing so that would be ace, but at what cost… I think major mulling over wine is required.
      And thank you for saying nice things!

      • Oh wow, yes I see!
        Well if you DO decide to support and reference Independent Bookshops in your blog, I would love to pop links to your reviews on both our facebook page and in our newsletter 🙂 So just let me know!

  2. This was a total hit – 5yr old boy has just bought it to read to us in bed (again). He loves playing quizmaster and making us guess what each will sit on.

    • So glad he liked it Danielle. I just shared it with my sister last night and had a good round of guffawing. I particularly like the puffins on muffins. Picked up a great haul of new books from the library this week.

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