Big red bath by Julia Jarman; illustrated by Adrian Reynolds (2005)

My five-year-old niece recently came to stay for a sleepover at my place. For a treat we bought some bubble bath and filled the bath to the brim with warm bubbly water. What I hadn’t realised is that bubble bath + adult = relaxing. But child + bubble bath = crazy-making. Apparently she normally goes to bed before 8pm, but due to the excitement of the bubble bath she didn’t fall asleep until after 10pm. Lesson learnt Auntie Lucy.

For the ultimate in crazy baths, you need to read Big red bath. Not only does this bath fill with bubbles, it also slowly fills with a delicious mix of animals! Ben and Bella are having a great time splashing each other in the bath when who should come scratching at the door but Dog. And in he dives.

“Splash you!”

Splash you!”

Splish! Splosh! Splash!

Bubbles in the bath. Water on the floor. But who’s that roaring at the door?”

Animal after animal jumps on in until silly old Hippopotamus slips on the floor and slides under the bath, sending it off into the great wide world.

Big red bath is loads of fun to read. I gave myself the added challenge of blowing bubbles while reading the story to pre-schoolers. I wouldn’t entirely recommend this as your audience will then run around the room chasing the bubbles and your story-time session will descend into chaos!

Check out Big red bath at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Big red bath from Fishpond.



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