The day I lost my superpowers by Michael Escoffier; illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo (2014)

Finding great superhero-themed books makes me especially happy. Every September at Auckland Libraries it’s Comic Book Month, which features a bunch of awesome events, including Superhero story-times. It can be a challenge to find preschool titles that fit the bill, and this year, I’ve found one, whoop whoop!

For opening lines, this book gets a gold star. “The day I discovered I could fly, I knew that I was special.” Our adorable superhero is kind of super, and actually kind of just cheating. The illustrations let us in on a few secrets as to exactly how these super powers work, amazing skills like walking on ceilings, and becoming invisible.

Of course every superhero comes unstuck at some point, and it’s right about then you really hope your mum has superpowers too.

Big bold illustrations and a clever story make this a particularly super option for a Comic Book Month story-time.

Check out The day I lost my superpowers at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The day I lost my superpowers from Fishpond.


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