Don’t spill the milk! by Stephen Davies; illustrated by Christopher Corr (2013)


The riotous colour in this gorgeous picture book is the first thing you will notice. Your audience won’t fail to be captivated by each new and glorious page.

Penda is carrying a bowl of milk on her head past a million dancing beasties, across the River Niger to her father in the grasslands. Have you ever tried so hard to do something, only to fail at the very last instance? Sadly for Penda, the fate of the milk is at the mercy of a falling mango!

There is a beautiful lesson in this book about acting with love, as Penda’s father says to her, “There was more than milk in that bowl…your love for me was in that bowl as well.”

This is at the upper end length-wise of a story I would share with pre-schoolers, but jazz it up with some beanbag-on-head action-songs and you’ll have a great time.

Check out Don’t spill the milk at Auckland Libraries.

Don’t spill the milk from Fishpond.



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