The dawn chorus by Suzanne Barton (2014)

It’s going to be pretty much illegal to read this story without some sort of musical accompaniment. I’m thinking bells distributed to the audience, maybe shakers, or perhaps the adults can be encouraged to whistle at the appropriate moments. You’ll soon understand why.

Peep wakes one morning to the sound of a beautiful song. After much investigating he discovers the Dawn Chorus, a group of birds who sing together each morning. With the promise of an audition early the next day, Peep rushes off to practise. A night of practising means Peep oversleeps and misses his audition. Attempt number two is equally as unsuccessful as Peep stays awake all night and is too yawny to sing.

Resigned to singing alone, Peep hears a sweet evening song drifting towards him, and discovers a bird who looks just like him; another nightingale! Together they sing the most beautiful song of all.

There are far too many delightful illustrations in this book to do it justice with just one. And the paper! Don’t get me started on the paper!

I hope that you and your audience make sweet music while enjoying The dawn chorus.

Check out The dawn chorus at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The dawn chorus from Fishpond.


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