Morgan, the moreporks and the moon by Richard Fairgray, Tara Black & Terry Jones (2013)

A couple of years ago I watched a moonrise with a group of friends. I’d seen several sunrises in my life but never a moonrise. Aided of course by a phone app, we located ourselves on the beach at Whangamata and waited, and waited until we saw the first shimmery glimmer of the moon’s light tickle its way up past an island. If you have never had this experience, do it!

Morgan, has a question for the moon, well actually Morgan has a question for everybody, “What’s your name?” Mostly it’s not so hard to elicit an answer from people, but from the moon, well that’s a whole different story. In order to get close enough to ask this burning question he climbs high into a tree, where he discovers a group of chatty Moreporks. “Ruru” “Morepork” they chant.Morgan inside

With a little aerial assistance from his new friends, Morgan flies all the way up to the moon where his (but not so much our!) curiosity is put to rest.

There is a real comic book feel about the way Morgan… is laid out, which makes sense given that its three author-illustrators collaborate on a variety of graphic novels. Speech bubbles and multiple panels can sometimes make reading a picture book aloud to an audience a challenge, but for Morgan… it works perfectly. The illustrations and the story are beautiful; a great New Zealand picture book.

Check out Morgan, the Moreporks and the Moon at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Morgan, the Moreporks and the Moon from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Louise Phyn – thanks Louise!]


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