Little Elliot big city by Mike Curato (2014)

I have a conspiracy theory about this book. It’s one of my weirder theories, so work with me here people. I strongly believe that Mike Curato is a part owner of some massive cupcake company, because ever since I read it, I’ve had a major hankering for cupcakes.

Elliot himself just looks so tasty… okay I think I’ll stop there and move on to the review part of this conversation.

Elliot is a tiny delicious-looking spotty elephant living in a beautifully depicted New York of the 1940s. Life for an elephant this tiny can be pretty challenging; even trying to buy a cupcake proves impossible.

Dejected after the cupcake failure (let’s all say it together, “mmmm, cupcakes”) Elliot discovers someone even more tiny than himself who could really do with a hand. Together they take on New York, and they win! Everything about this book is mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

That’s it Mike Curato, you’ve worn me down, I’m off to get myself a cupcake.

Check out Little Elliot big city at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Little Elliot big city from Fishpond.


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