Have you seen the crocodile? by Colin West (1986)

have youYou can’t go wrong with a little bit of Colin West in your life. As a huge fan, I’m so pleased that lots of his picture books have been reprinted.

At least two or three times a year my storytime theme would be Funny Stories, and every time I would either read, or tell a felt version of Have you seen the crocodile?

Hidden in front of the felt board would be my crocodile puppet, ready and waiting for some friends to arrive.

We begin with a parrot asking a dragonfly, “Have you seen the crocodile?” The animals join together and find another animal to ask, and on and on it goes. Finally when no-one admits to having seen the crocodile, the large green lump in the water that all the animals are now resting on jumps up and says, “I’ve seen the crocodile!”

Such a great punch-line follows, you’ll know which adult members of your audience have been paying attention!

Check out Have you seen the crocodile at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Have you seen the crocodile from Fishpond.


2 thoughts on “Have you seen the crocodile? by Colin West (1986)

  1. Ooh… yes. I forgot this one – another all time favourite of Jacob’s. Our copy ended up in the bin as it wasn’t in a fit state to retain on the bookshelf.
    Love these daily picture book morsels!

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