Orangutangled by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen; illustrated by Aaron Zenz (2014)

Have you ever had a hug that ends in a tangle? Earrings hooked into jumpers, bracelets attached to knitwear, that sort of thing? Apparently when you’re an orangutan, your body parts can misbehave and create all sorts of twisty chaos.

Told in delicious rhyme, Orangutangled follows the exploits of two highly expressive apes who jump into a tree in the pursuit of mangoes, and end up instead in a sticky knotty mess of body parts and splattered fruit. In the tradition of great picture books, the original two are joined by a yak, a boar and finally a tiger!

“His snout is stuck and all entangled.

Soon the boar’s… orangu-tangled!”

The title alone makes this book worth reading. (No, Auto-correct, I don’t mean “Orange tangled!”)  In good news, it also features rollicking rhyme and brilliant illustrations; all round wins.

Check out Orangutangled at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Orangutangled from Fishpond.


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