Hug machine by Scott Campbell (2014)

I know it’s a total cliché but I have been known on occasion to hug trees. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself; you know and the tree knows that it’s hug time. My enthusiasm for hugging however pales in comparison to the Hug Machine. This dude is out of control!

From balloons to fire hydrants, nothing escapes the affectionate embrace of the Hug Machine. Spikes and size are not enough to slow his enthusiasm. He will always find a way to complete the hug transaction, and everyone and everything seems to visibly perk-up in the wake of his squeezy arms.

Of course, that much hugging inevitably leads to hug exhaustion, which is when the hugger needs to have his turn being the huggee.

The illustrations are huge and bold and the story is a delight. A must-read storytime book, possibly with the rule that every time you say the word hug… yup you guessed it, the audience give each other a squeeze.

I would like to dedicate this review to my brother-in-law-ish Matthew, who is a little like the porcupine above to hug.

Check out Hug machine at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Hug machine from Fishpond.


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