This little piggy by Tim Harrington (2013)

It would be easy to assume that This little piggy is a picture book featuring the words of everyone’s favourite foot-based rhyme, paired with great illustrations.

But no no no my friends, these little piggies are not only interested in markets, roast beef staying home and having none. These little piggies are far more adventurous than that; they fly, dance, paint, and generally just let loose.

Marauding toes might be the thing of nightmare for some people, but in good news, Tim Harrington makes them look particularly cute. Bright and perky, this is a great preschool choice, complete with piggy printables!

The downloadable song is also a lot of fun, although maybe a bit too chatty to work with an audience. I’m sorry team, it might be up to you to do the singing this time. Sing it or read it, either way it’s a winner.

Check out This little piggy at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy This little piggy from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Jerome Rivera – thanks Jerome!]



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