Monsters love colors by Mike Austin (2013)

I had a moment once during a storytelling-with-paint session when my mind blanked and I couldn’t remember what colour yellow and blue mixed together to create. So it’s time for a pop quiz. What colour do red and yellow make? How about red and blue? Excellent, you have passed my stringent examining and are now permitted to add Monsters love colors to your storytelling repertoire.

These monsters know how to get down and boogie with a bunch of crayons! First up we meet three primary-coloured monsters, “Red is the color of roar and snore and more more more!”

And then the party really starts. The grey monsters get to pick what new favourite colours they want to be, and mixing magic fills the pages. Fun words, colours and scribbles fight for space in this gorgeously swirly picture book.

Check out Monsters love colors at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Monsters love colors from Fishpond.



2 thoughts on “Monsters love colors by Mike Austin (2013)

  1. This one also looks very cool…

    Megan Burns

    Children’s Librarian – Primary

    Invercargill City Libraries and Archive

    03 211 1444

    • I really liked it Megan, and I see Mike Austin has just published a follow-up, “Monsters love school.” I think I’ll have to check it out. I can’t quite see it having the same magic somehow, but I’m happy to be proved wrong.

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