Little Answer by Tim Hopgood (2014)

For many years I’ve been in a pub quiz team. We’ve won our fair share of bar tabs, and always take great pleasure in choosing our costumes for the national champs quiz each October. Very occasionally we’ll come up with nothing at all for a question, and my default answer on these occasions is “seven”. This has never been right, in fact the answer is probably not even number-based, but it makes me happy knowing I can confidently pull out, “seven” when necessary.

Little Answer, has a similar problem. He’s little, and an answer, but he just can’t find his matching question. Snail takes Little Answer under his wing (or possibly shell) and they head off in search of the question. “What makes the world go round?” asked the elephant. “Sausages!” squeaked Little Answer hopefully.

Elephant is less than impressed. It turns out sausages is about as good an answer as seven. Lots of questions are suggested, but everything is much too big, until they meet Daisy, who really wants to know what she’s having for tea. Finally, “sausages” is the perfect answer.

There are all sorts of reasons why this is a great book. It’s on the long side word-wise, but with its repeated exultations of “sausages” a preschool audience will be kept happy. It’s also very clever which will keep a classroom engaged and could lead to all sorts of great question and answer match-up activities.

Check out Little answer at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Little answer from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Mini – thanks Mini!]



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