It’s an orange aardvark! by Michael Hall (2014)

Where do I start with this magnificently crazy book? Let’s try a simple list. In this book you will see:

  • ants drilling
  • pages with holes
  • an aardvark in increasingly complex but colourful circumstances
  • a rainbow

I might need to work on this review a little… An ant drills a hole in the stump he lives in to find out what’s outside. There’s always a party pooper in the group and old red-hat says, “Wait. What if there’s an aardvark out there?”

Luckily the hole turns…orange. But then old poopy pants reveals the existence of orange aardvarks. Who knew? More holes are drilled, more colours appear until the nervous nelly of the group explodes, “Don’t go! It’s a pajama-wearing, ketchup-carrying, gecko-guiding, dozer-driving, orange aardvark pouring purple grape juice!”

Of course there’s always the possibility that it’s something a lot simpler than that. Like I said, magnificent and crazy, just like preschool storytime sessions!

Check out It’s an orange aardvark! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy It’s an orange aardvark! from Fishpond.


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