Peek-a-boo bunny by Holly Surplice (2013)

I’ve got one, I’ve got one! I have found another book that is perfect for that deliciously challenging group, babies! When you’re faced with a room full of babies, it can be tempting to bypass books and head straight to the songs and action-rhymes. One nifty move is to pick a book you can sing or add actions to, The Wheels on the bus in book form, that sort of thing. In exciting news I’ve got another one you can add to your collection, Peek-a-boo bunny.

Bunny is playing hide-and-seek with his friends. Each delightful double page features a simple rhyming line, “Bunny jumping on the spot. Bunny coming ready or not!” Most lines involve action words that you can get your audience to play along with, words like, jump, sniffing, and stretching high. And of course we finish with a gigantic group Peek-a-boo!20140924_173116

Between the gorgeous illustrations, the lovely rhyming text and the added bonus of possible matching actions, this is sure to keep an audience of tiny people happy and smiley.

Check out Peek-a-boo bunny at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Peek-a-book bunny from Fishpond.


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