Train by Judi Abbot (2014)

Nothing beats the single-minded obsession of a small person. My 3-year-old nephew, Jacob, shares his current passion with Little Elephant; trains.

Little Elephant is so fixated in fact, that his entire vocabulary is limited to one word, “train.” For a treat his parents take him on a real train ride, which is where the metaphorical vehicular clash begins. Cat loves planes, Penguin loves cars and Rabbit loves diggers. Uh oh!

Things don’t go well. The concept of compromise is slightly advanced for these transport-loving little animals. When the train enters a pitch black tunnel it 20140921_184241creates mayhem. The result? Flexibility and a lot of enthusiastic chanting, “Train-plane-digger-digger! Train-plane-car! Train-plane-digger-digger! Train-plane-car!”

The animals are adorable, (I’d really love to find a t-shirt like Little Elephant’s for Jacob) and the subject matter will resonate with a huge number of small people. This is a gorgeous and fun picture book.

Check out Train! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Train! from Fishpond.


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