Bear, Bird and Frog by Gwen Millward (2014)

bear, bird and frogYou’ve got to give it to Bird, he’s a master sulker. I think he could even out-sulk me which is impressive, I’m not too shabby in that department myself.

Bear and Bird are at home, considering their next adventure when Frog arrives for a visit. Bear is so excited that he completely forgets that he and Bird had plans.

20140921_191506Bear and Frog head off for a picnic and Bird stays behind to read his book. Deciding to follow them and explain how upset he is about his missing adventure, Bird discovers Frog and Bear having a lovely old time. Top quality sulking ensues.

In good news, Bird is given the opportunity to prove that he’s really a good guy and everyone ends up friends.

This is another slightly longer picture book, but the magical illustrations and potential for using your grumpy-sulky-voice means it should work well for both preschool and school-age littlies.

Check out Bear, Bird and Frog from Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Bear, Bird and Frog at Fishpond.


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