The cow that laid an egg by Andy Cutbill; illustrated by Russell Ayto (2007)

Isn’t Marjorie the cow adorable? I loved her the from the moment I first saw her, and she and I have been friends for years.

Marjorie is having a bad time, because all the other cows have spectacular skills, like riding bicycles and doing handstands, while Marjorie just feels so ordinary.

The chickens hatch a cunning plan, and the next morning Marjorie announces loudly, “I’ve laid an egg!”

The whole world gets pretty excited about this, as I’m sure you can imagine, and Marjorie relishes being the centre of attention. The other cows however are less than impressed and wait with interest to see just what exactly is going to hatch from this egg.

This was my go-to book when I had an unexpected school class visit at the library, the kids always loved it. It’s more suited to a slightly older audience as the humour is subtle, well, picture book subtle! Lots of fun.

Check out The cow that laid an egg at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The cow that laid an egg from Fishpond.


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