The something by Rebecca Cobb (2014)

I may need to add a new category to my blog posts, beautiful endpapers. It’s always such a treat to open a new and shiny picture book and to be greeted by something wonderful instantly.

Okay, so that’s a very long and roundabout way to say, this book is head-to-toe gorgeous. A small boy (or possibly girl, I like to think the ambiguity is intentional) discovers a hole beneath the cherry tree in the garden. No-one seems quite sure exactly what is at the bottom of said hole, but the suggestions are fantastic.something

Maybe it’s a little mouse’s house, a haven for frogs, or the home of a troll. Each possibility is paired with a magical illustration both you and your audience will want to pore over for a very long time. This is a wonderful celebration of imagination that is the perfect length to read to an audience.

A stunner.

Check out The something at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The something from Fishpond.


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