And the cars go… by William Bee (2013)

and the cars goI would like to take a moment before we start today’s review, by sharing a round of group “brmmmm….ing”. Say it with me everybody, “brmmm”. I think we need to add a little extra throatiness, “brmmmmm”.

Nice work team.

I love to read aloud books with great sound effects and today we have a beauty. In order to satisfactorily read And the cars go… out loud you will need to polish up on the following noises:

  • “Vroooom”and the cars
  • “Brmmmmm”
  • “Whisper”
  • “Chug chug chuggety chug”
  • “Pop pop pop” along with a few others.

A policemen on patrol discovers a line of vehicles emitting a mixture of noises as they wait in an unexpected queue. The policemen heads off to investigate. He walks past the Rolls Royce, the family heading off on holiday, the school bus and the racing car. A bunch of escaped sheep are to blame for the mayhem, and after a lot of pushing and shoving the road is cleared and the vehicles are free to head off on their merry way.

Books featuring cars, and noises are a huge winner at storytime, throw in great illustrations, a fun story and a fabulous cast of characters and vehicles and this book is bound to be an absolute hit.

Check out and the cars go… at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy and the cars go… from Fishpond.


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