Boa’s bad birthday by Jeanne Willis; illustrated by Tony Ross (2014)

Today is my sister’s 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Emily! She’s pretty much the greatest sister you could have. It was Emily who introduced me to the concept of the Five Love Languages, which is how I know that I am very bad at buying presents.

Boa is having a terrible birthday because all his friends have chosen ridiculous presents. A piano? Really Orangutan? Are you crazy? Everybody knows snakes don’t have arms! To be fair, he’s a pretty tough guy to buy for, no hands, no feet, no ears. I know I would be absolutely stumped. Maybe a gift voucher?


The final present appears to be a royal stinker, I don’t know what Dung Beetle was thinking. But, with a little time, it becomes the best present of all.

As expected, the superstar partnership of Jeanne Wills and Tony Ross, have gifted the world yet another awesome picture book. Have a great day everybody, spread a little love, in any language!

Check out Boa’s bad birthday at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Boa’s bad birthday from Fishpond.


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