Is there a dog in this book? by Viviane Schwarz (2014)

Hello, do you love cats? Or are you less of a feline fan, and would rather throw a ball for your good old canine chum? It’s okay, it’s okay, we have room for pet-lovers of all varieties at myfriendlucy.

Tiny, Moonpie and Andre are a little nervous about the presence of a dog sharing the pages of this book with them. Hiding in various awkward locations they try to avoid any unwanted canine attention. Nice try guys! Bring on some awesome stacking flaps to initiate a meeting of the animals.

After a few unfortunate incidents (it’s your fault!) we reach a pretty great conclusion, “There are three cats and a dog in the book. They are all your friends.”

This is a fabulously interactive picture book. Is it just me or are picture books getting better and better? Brilliant to read aloud to an audience, I predict everyone will come up to you after storytime and ask if they can borrow a copy.

Check out Is there a dog in this book? at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Is there a dog in this book? from Fishpond.


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