Esther’s rainbow by Kim Kane; illustrated by Sara Acton (2013)

The concept of tasting, smelling and hearing colours appeals to me in a big way, which is why I absolutely loved Esther’s rainbow.

Esther spies a rainbow one day poking under her stool. “It was soft. It was warm. And it smelt slightly like honey.” By the evening her rainbow has disappeared.

For the rest of the week Esther sees, smells, hears, tastes and touches the individual colours of the rainbow.20141010_150315

“She smelt indigo in the cool of the midnight sky…”

“She heard blue in the echo of the pool…”

And finally the following Monday her rainbow slowly but surely begins to reveal itself again.

The language and ideas in this book are beautiful. It feels like it would be worth saving for a slightly older audience, say five and up, who you can then have the fun of exploring colours and senses with.

Check out Esther’s rainbow at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Esther’s rainbow from Fishpond.


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