Freddy and the pig by Charlie Higson; illustrated by Mark Chambers (2014)

I love a picture book that heads off in an unexpected direction, and Freddy and the pig does so with gusto.

Freddy hits on a cunning plan to avoid going to the dreaded school. He dresses a pig in his uniform and a pair of glasses to act as his stand-in. It’s a pretty genius solution. Freddy gets to stay at home eating and playing on his Xbox, while the pig fits in (kind of) admirably in a classroom environment.

It was at about this point I was expecting some sort of great moral, self-awareness, life lesson sort of thing to take place. But in delightful news, it doesn’t! The ending is much better than that.

Freddy would make a great story to tell with a pig puppet or stuffed toy dressed in a school uniform with glasses. It’s the perfect length to read to pre-schoolers or young schoolies, and has information on the back about being dyslexia friendly

A whole lot of fun to read.

Check out Freddy and the pig at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Freddy and the pig from Fishpond.


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