Danny by Yann & Gwendal Le Bec (2014)

Boy oh boy this book is hilarious!

Like Danny, I suffer from a fairly significant gap between my two front teeth. It has some great and complicated name, and depending on which website you check either means that you’re willing to take risks or that you have an inability to save. Take your pick.

One day, the teeth cleaner fish at the bottom of Danny’s swampy marsh discuss Danny’s gap suggesting that it is likely to result in a lisp. Not surprisingly, Danny rushes off to get some reassurance from his friend, Steve the snake. This is where the reading aloud of this book becomes so much fun.20141016_151633

“Hey Steve! What do you think of my elocution?”

“Thay again?”

“Do I lisp when I speak?”

“Lithp? Whath that thuppothed to mean?”

It probably comes as no surprise to you that the book then gets more and more ridiculous. It features a lisp-creating trip to the dentist, a dentist-swallowing crocodile and a whole bunch more lisping.

This is an amazing book with wonderful illustrations, but it is definitely worthy of an older audience of about six and up. The lisping is so great I have to leave you with one final line, “I muth be the happieth hippopotamuth on earth.”

Check out Danny at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Danny from Fishpond.

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