Hide and seek Harry around the house by Kenny Harrison (2014)

Harry the hippopotamus not surprisingly is terrible at hide-and-seek. To be fair it was never likely to be one of his strengths, he’s not exactly built for squeezing into tight spots. It in no way quashes his enthusiasm for the game however!

“Harry is our best friend. Hide-and-seek is always on his mind. He tries so hard to hide – and he thinks he’s tough to find.”

I found this super short but super sweet board book absolutely hilarious and an audience of littlies is likely to do so as well.2014-10-17 22.54.49

With a nice tight rhyme and just ten pages, it’s perfect for the youngest of audiences. The
only disadvantage is that as a board book it’s in a pretty tiny format, so a challenge if your audience is big.

Check out Hide and seek Harry around the house at Auckland Libraries.


I’ve been asked for books-as-presents advice lately, and as Christmas isn’t far away, here are my top picks of board books to give as presents to babies. I’ve included links that will take you through to Fishpond. On that note, in the interests of honesty, I’ve signed up to Fishpond’s affiliate scheme so if you buy anything from them via my blog, I take a cut. Feel free to buy from your favourite bookstore instead!

Hide and seek Harry around the house by Kenny Harrison (funny)

Where is the green sheep by Mem Fox (consistent customer favourite)

Sleepy kittens by Cinco Paul (with interactive finger puppets)

Baby faces peekaboo by Dawn Sirett (for babies who love looking at pictures of other babies)

That’s not my Santa by Fiona Watt (part of a series of popular titles, with a little Christmas action)


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