The entertainer by Emma Dodd (2014)

On occasion I have been invited to dress as a fairy and entertain at children’s birthday parties. From the mayhem I have experienced at these events, I would have to say that the premise of today’s story is possibly less far-fetched than Emma Dodd intended!

The “entertainer” arrives at the party complete with impressively authentic bear costume. His manners leave a lot to be desired but the children love him. He juggles, skateboards and is generally hilarious and his ability to channel his inner “bear” is quite extraordinary.

Mum is less enthusiastic about him than the guests and when the party is finally over and the door closes behind kids and entertainer alike she looks decidedly relieved. And then the doorbell rings once more…IMG_1051

I have always loved Emma Dodd’s books for reading to class visits in the library. The illustrations in The entertainer are delightful, with the bear being the absolute star of the show. This rhyming story is heaps of fun to read aloud, your audience will love it!

Check out The entertainer at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The entertainer from Fishpond.


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