Dragon Jelly by Claire Freedman; illustrated by Sue Hendra (2014)

I would not recommend reading Dragon Jelly while eating your breakfast. It’s chock-full of glorious “yuck” which might make your cornflakes hard to swallow.

An audience of small people is going to lap this up, it features two of the most appealing things to littlies, parties and grossness (not to mention excellent rhyme and zingy illustrations).

It’s Max’s birthday and he’s throwing a monster party. “First it’s monster pass-the-parcel, which squiggles, shakes and squirms, and when the final wrapper’s off, they find a nest of worms!”

My favourite party game is the stinky-breath contest, and the eyeball birthday cake is also quite a master-stroke. Heaps of cringe-making fun for all!

Check out Dragon Jelly at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Dragon Jelly from Fishpond.


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