If I had a raptor by George O’Connor (2014)


The internet is full of cute and cuddly baby animals, but have you ever considered just how adorable a baby dinosaur would be? Apparently they are “all teensy and tiny and funny and fluffy”, well according to the highly imaginative narrator of If I had a raptor anyway.IMG_1061

She makes a pretty good case in the raptor-as-perfect-pet
argument. Like a cat but with a little more oomph, her raptor would like to hunt, be highly trainable and love nothing better than to sit on her lap.

The expressions on the face of the raptor are magnificent, there’s a whole lot more going on under the surface of this story than we’re being told. This is a very fun and funny story, and great to see another book headlining a “diverse” character. Check out http://weneeddiversebooks.org/ to read more about this campaign. I’ve added “diverse book” as a category to my blog to help you find other books that fit the bill.

Check out If I had a raptor at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy If I had a raptor from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Philippa – thanks Philippa!]


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