No such thing by Ella Bailey (2014)


Today we have a fabulously topsy turvy spooky tale just in time for Halloween.

Georgia notices strange happenings around her house at the end of October, snacks disappear from the fridge, cobwebs fill the house and objects move. Clever old Georgia isn’t fooled, because everyone knows, there’s no such thing as ghosts!

Every time something strange happens IMG_1038Georgia works out exactly what is going on. Spider webs? Well of course it’s the work of a giant spider.

What’s super great though, is that Georgia is completely wrong and in fact the explanation to all the weirdness is really quite simple… ghosts! Once you realise this, sneaky little eyes start to peep out from each page, and the culprits subtly reveal themselves.

With an original feel to both the illustrations and the story, this is a delightful book, that’s almost scary, but not really! Do you think trick-or-treaters will feel ripped off if I offer to read to them as their treat this evening?

Check out No such thing at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy No such thing from Fishpond.


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