The wonder by Faye Hanson (2014)

So many wows. This book lives up to its title 100 percent. Both the illustrations and the story filled me with an intense feeling of wonder. There are so many adjectives I can’t keep them in; stunning, spell-bindingly glorious, and exquisite.IMG_1131

I have tried and failed to take a photo doing the magic of this book justice, but I think the reality is that you must get hold of a copy for yourself.

A boy, with his head full of wonder imagines the most delightful things, a cloud-making machine, the best playground in the world, and a star shiner. The adults in his life angrily discourage his daydreaming. Until he enters his art class where all his imaginings have a chance to fill the page.

The beauty is in the contrast of his day-to-day sepia world, and the vibrancy of his imaginings. This is just so very very lovely. Faye Hanson has given us a total treat.

Check out The wonder at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The wonder from Fishpond.


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