Say hello like this! by Mary Murphy (2014)

Oh boy, I’ve got a bit behind with my blogging, I’m tempted to start posting one word reviews from now on. Think “Super-cute” for today’s book. Not quite enough? Okay I’ll blast out a few extra words.

Mary Murphy is quite the legend when it comes to gorgeous books for very little people. And she’s created yet another winner with Say hello like this. Sweetly simple, each page features an animal with its noise. “A dog hello is licky and loud…” (turn part of the page to reveal the noisy bit) “Like this!  Bow-wow-wow-wow!” There are some great animal hello descriptions, including my favourites, the cat hello which is “prissy and proud” and the frog hello which is “jumpy and croaky”.IMG_1064

I love Murphy’s illustrations to bits, and as we all know by now, noisy books resonate with me, so it’s a guaranteed winner at my house. Interactive and entertaining, this will keep even the itsy-bitsiest of audience members happy.

Check out Say hello like this! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Say hello like this! from Fishpond.


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