Omar the strongman by Gregory Rogers (2013)

I’m fascinated that this is the third book on circuses I’ve reviewed already this year. I remember a few years ago struggling to find any great books for a circus-themed storytime. I could now probably attempt some sort of reflection on society and our love-hate relationship with animals in captivity, but really you’re just here for the books right? (And I’m terrible at feigning intellectualism.)

Omar, the regular man, starts working at a circus where he is kept very busy looking after the stars of the show. The elephant, Mavis becomes his great friend. IMG_1116Occasionally Omar wonders what it would be like to be in the spotlight, but mostly he’s just kept very busy.

On a very important show-night, with the mayor in attendance, Omar discovers that Mavis has forgotten her lucky bow. In attempting to solve the problem, Omar ends up being sat on by one very large elephant. Much to everyone’s surprise Omar lifts Mavis into the air, and in doing so, earns his place among the stars of the show.

With a beautiful soft colour palette and fun storyline, this is a great choice for a circus-themed storytime for preschoolers.

Check out Omar the strongman at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Omar the strongman from Fishpond.


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